This is the personal website of Alex Hudson. I post here irregularly about stuff that interests me: mainly technology and programmer geek stuff, but occasionally science, geo/socio-political and other types of trivia. I’m a hacker by trade, so most of the content here is about coding one way or another. I try to keep on top of new technologies, and the people and projects I link to from here tend to be relatively cutting edge.

You will generally find me pottering around on open source code. I have GitHub, Gitorious and Gna! accounts if you want to share code with me. I have other accounts at other places; my Sourceforge login just celebrated its 16-year anniversary. You might realise I don’t use it as much these days. I hack in C, C#, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, and Vala primarily, and due to the day job I’m mostly interested in HTML5, CSS, SQL, and NoSQL – that is to say, putting stuff online. I’m also a Fedora Project developer, and contribute generally to the open source community with bug reports and/or code.