About Me

I’m a CTO with twenty years of management experience in e-commerce and software-as-a-service product development, spanning start-up to enterprise. I lead organisations through significant periods of technical change.

For most businesses I work with, “digital transformation” is complete (if they were ever non-digital) and I’m leading them into the post-digital era. A few are further back than that, but are committed to making a revolutionary step-change.

Innovative products and services are often full of unknowns. Will the business model work? Can we scale to meet anticipated demand? Are we sure the demand is real? I navigate these choppy waters by taking a holistic approach to technology: I align the details of technical execution with the high-level business strategy. My influences here include Operations Research and lean manufacturing, and I particularly enjoy leading existing teams to outsize results using incremental improvement.

My inbox is always open to new conversations, and I’m always looking for opportunities to help new acquaintances - after all, what goes around comes around, and I believe that’s especially true in the technical community. I’m currently particularly interested in the future potential of DARQ technology (Distributed ledgers, Artificial intelligence, eXtended reality and Quantum computing).