We’re probably going to see 0.3 this week. I’m planning on releasing 0.2.94 today, at which point we’ll be back on SVN trunk, and then 0.3 sometime by the weekend. There are going to be a few known bugs not fixed, but it won’t be in terrible state by any means.

Want to see Bongo?

I’ve just realised that there’s going to be a lot of Bongo in the community over the next few months. We don’t have an events page on the wiki – someone needs to fix that! – but just to run-down through them:

  • 28 Jan – 2 Feb, Melbourne : Bongo BoF at Linux.conf.au. Already a few non-Bongo people signed up, I hope to see more – sign up and/or talk to Alex Hixon.
  • 30 Jan, London : Bongo 0.3 Release Party! We don’t celebrate our releases enough, so a few of us are catching up for drinks in London. Anyone’s welcome to come along though – it’ll be somewhere central. Talk to me, Andrew Wafaa or Lance Haig.
  • 8 Feb – 10 Feb, Los Angeles : Bongo stand at Southern California Linux Expo. Stu Gott has kindly taken this on, as one of the few in the US, and it’d be nice to see some more locals get involved.
  • 23 Feb – 24 Feb, Brussels : Bongo at FOSDEM. I think we asked to do a Lightning Talk here, I don’t think it’s confirmed yet – at any rate, Andrew Wafaa will be “in the house” and maybe something ad-hoc will happen if nothing else!
  • 18 Mar, Manchester : Bongo presentation at Manchester Free Software. I’m going to be doing this, but haven’t announced it properly yet so I don’t know who else might come – but please, do come along if you’re around.

So, that’s five meetings across three different continents in the next three months: no excuses! I’m expecting photos and/or videos from each of these events 🙂