This isn’t a great looking URL, but hopefully it will continue to work into the future: this is a Bongo group on Mugshot. At the moment, it’s just me – I wanted to try Mugshot out before I got into all the GNOME online desktop stuff that people are working on, but others are free to join in. The web swarm looks a particularly fun idea for sharing links we think are interesting.

In other news, the MDB removal hacking continues – at the moment, it’s about 40% gone. Realistically, this means that there are only really a couple of big agents left before we’re pretty much done with it. That will be a sweet day.

Also, in order to simplify things, I think Bongo M3 and M4 will be officially single-server only. Though this sounds like a change, it really isn’t – Hula never worked properly multi-server, and Bongo has been no different up til now. The design isn’t changing, but for now I don’t want to worry about multi-server stuff. It just feels like trying to eat an elephant by swallowing it whole.

And, I’ve also posted my plan to remove connmgr. I have a plan on how we’re going to replace some of that stuff, and maybe that will be M5 material too (I’m not really sure if it’s 1.0 material per se, but we’ll see). Speed-wise, it will blow it away 🙂 But, it looks like M5 might become the big “networked Bongo” release….