Last weekend I started looking at Hawkeye, prompted mostly by the need for people to be able to change the config for Bongo while we’re putting the new config system in place.

After a bit of hacking last night, it’s finally at the stage where it does something useful! You can run it under bongo-standalone (previously this wasn’t possible), you can log in as a user, and you can enable or disable agents from startup.

Ok, it’s not incredible functionality, but it’s a start 🙂 One thing which is slightly interesting is that we rely completely on the store for authentication now: so, I can log into the admin tool as any user. However, without permissions to read the various files (permissions which are enforced by the store itself), you can’t change anything – you can’t even see anything!

I’m hoping to have this committed by the end of the week. That will then open up the following tasks for work:

  • extending hawkeye to configure different agents, perhaps starting with antivirus/antispam;
  • doing a real design for the hawkeye interface;
  • using the template system in dragonfly, so that we can move the base URL it uses somewhere else.