Well, it was last weekend, but I meant to write about it before now. It was nice to have probably the biggest meet-up of Bongo Project contributors that has ever happened, and Project polo shirts are now in the hands of everyone. The weekend was mostly spent looking through the talk schedule (some of which was interesting, some of which was less so), wondering if Nat was going to say anything about Hula, and chatting about Bongo – we didn’t go to too many talks, but the Selenium one was probably worth the weekend alone.

It felt like a smaller event this year, and I thought WUSU was a better venue – I like the Lighthouse a lot, but it’s not really suitable for talks: the cinema is fine, but the atrium isn’t good. I also really, really wish there was some kind of community lounge: the various stands are great, but I don’t think they encourage interaction. Less formal tables with chairs/sofas, and the ability to form ad-hoc groups (which happened with the cafe’s furniture anyway) would be really, really cool. But, all that said, I enjoyed the event and it was very worthwhile.

The Bongo BOF happened on the Sunday, quite late. Even though the BOF point is a bit out of the way, and there were other interesting things happening, we got some very interested people coming over, some of whom couldn’t stay long but were very enthusiastic about what we’re doing. I was hoping to do some multimedia stuff, which we didn’t really get time to do, but it’s perhaps for the best – it needs better planning, really.

Finally, the BOF photo – by this point, only one non-Bongo person was still there:

The Bongo BOF participants

From the left, that’s Jonny Lamb, Chris Lamb, myself, Lance Haig, a participant whose name I didn’t catch (but I think is Lee), and Andrew Wafaa.

I’m hoping that we can all get back together again for LinuxWorld in London, happening on the 23rd-24th October this year. I’m thinking by this point we’re going to be getting reasonably close to 1.0, which should mean it’s a very exciting time, and Mr Hixon has also intimated that we might be able to persuade him to join us from Oz, which would be incredible.