I haven’t been able to do much Bongo hacking the past couple of weeks – workload has been such that I resigned myself mostly to offering hopefully helpful remarks on IRC, working on the Google SoC application and a few little build fixes. It’s been good to see that Bongo is building on a variety of OSes in the OpenSuse build service. It’s not a great measure of quality, but it helps.

Pat: I’ve experienced similar community run-ins recently: both directly (discussions on #gnu about “free speech”, and whether or not silencing/banning people is appropriate in any circumstance – no matter how rude they are!) and indirectly (witness Daniel Robbins resigning from Gentoo again – I think the point there about being too focussed on technical skills is excellent). Bongo IRC is constantly friendly, which I think is great, and I know that personally when I interact with a project’s channel it definitely influences my views of that project greatly (#mono recently was very helpful for me, which leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy). I hope it’s something that never changes about this project.