We all have New Year’s resolutions in some form or another; I haven’t really got mine straight in my head yet but there are a couple of things I’m committing to over the next month or two – one of which is to spend more time regularly hacking Bongo. I had hoped to get some hacking in over Christmas; family events overtook that and as a result I’ve spent virtually no time on Bongo at all. So, my immediate goals are:

  • chase the M3 release relentlessly. We’re really close, and have been for a little while – reaching the finishing line has been hard, but it’s mostly testing now really.
  • get IMAP support going properly. See above. This is me introducing a bug in the MIME code from the sounds of it 🙁
  • looking into synchronisation support. If I can get Bongo syncing with my new mobile, I’m going to be in a serious dogfooding mood.

Border suggested that one of us write up a kind of look back over our first year, as well as a look ahead – Pat did a little bit of that, but I do feel the need to take stock in more measured fashion. One goal I set which we totally haven’t achieved is releasing often, and I think my main goal with Bongo this year is to do that: if I achieve nothing else, making steady, perhaps reliable, but recognisable progress I think is going to be very important to this project.

In other news, my Bongo hacking time today has been spent in a couple of ways. I’ve been getting my builds warmed up again – somehow they always bit-rot and there are things to fix – and I’ve been and renewed the project’s domain name. Somehow there were only four days left on it, ho hum.