So, somewhat little advertised and somewhat exclusive, Linux Live Expo 2008 in London has been taking place. Friday was day two of three; for the first time it’s on a Saturday as well – and we’ll see how that goes tomorrow, I guess. But the first few days have been interesting.

Thursday started relatively slowly, although Bongo was sited next to the awesome OpenNMS guys – who travelled a lot further than I did to get there, and are exceedingly friendly. They have some interesting ideas about coloured shirts for contributors and stuff like that which I’m very keen on shamelessly ripping off, and Tarus is an incredible ambassador for their project (and the other guys are ok too ;).

Not long afterwards, I hooked up with the amazing Michael Meeks who was dishing up hip-hop hand-grabs like they were Hershey’s Kisses, and generally being extremely positive to all in the .Org village. Although Novell as a corporation have not seen fit to bless the Expo with their presence, it’s nice to see their more respected engineers about.

In general with Expo, things have been relatively quiet – and somewhat cold & dark, if truth be told – but we’ve made some interesting contacts with different people and projects, and it does seem like it was very much worth attending. Lance and I will be there on Saturday, and that will be extremely interesting too.