The news of the world “newspaper” did a “reveal” of Top Gear’s “The Stig” character – so many quotes, but Stig is just a name, they didn’t actually reveal who it was, and I’m not sure they’re really a newspaper 😉

At least. They say that they didn’t reveal who it was, but if you go to the story you’ll see they have a picture of “the Stig” showing just his eyes – apparently giving a clue to the readers. If you don’t want to know who they think the Stig is, don’t click “More”.

I noticed that the picture of this “Stig” is actually just an incredibly bad fake. What they’ve done is taken a picture of who they think the Stig is, and photoshopped his face behind the mask, adding a rubbish shadow to try to make it look real.

So who do they think the Stig is? They think it’s Ben Collins. Because all they did was take a publicity photo of Ben from a website and photoshopped it in:

Animated image of the Stig fading into Ben Collins. Surprise, they fit.Apologies for the rubbish image, but I did my best in the Gimp (an image editor for those who don’t know). They’ve recoloured his face slightly, and I might not have it lined up just right, but if you watch the eyes as it fades it’s clearly not just the same person but the same exact picture.

Well hidden, Not(W).