For a while, I’ve been intending to put a list of inspirational articles on our wiki. Not really so much that I think everyone should read them – though I think they’re all worthwhile reading – more so that I can find them again when I think about them. Of course, the last time I actually remembered I wanted to do this and had some spare time, the wiki was down.

Re-reading a Joel on Software article about Chandler has reminded me again:

[on “Dreaming in Code”, a book by a Chandler project engineer]:

Still, it’s a great look at one particular type of software project: the kind that ends up spinning and spinning its wheels without really going anywhere because the vision was too grand and the details were a little short. Near as I can tell, Chandler’s original vision was pretty much just to be “revolutionary.” Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t code “revolutionary.”

When I first read it, it clarified a lot of thoughts I’d had about planning Bongo. My initial plan of “little work and fast release” has been stymied somewhat by MDB (configuration, effectively), but it still seems to be the way to go.