It has been a little while in the making, and the construction signs are still up, but we’re almost there. After our community IRC meeting earlier this month, we decided that the uncertainty was a problem, and Bongo is the result.

I think this is working out well for a few reasons. We’ve seen more activity and participation this month than I think probably in the previous six or more beforehand. But also, we seem to have a strong idea of where we want to go.

So, what’s the scoop?

  • We have a GNA! project setup for our code and bug tracker. Anyone can sign in at GNA!, and we can manage the entire project. Also, there is no more copyright assignment – just a simple contributor agreement!
  • There is also a new wiki, which anyone can edit any part of. Hopefully we can keep the wiki open and unlocked without spammers annoying us.
  • We have a team of people who are scurrying all over this. There’s also a nice variety: some people interested in coding, others in designing, and a good few wikignomes. I’m also confident that as people see the project make progress in an open, transparent manner, they will want to become involved.

As usual, the conversation is happening on the irc channel (#bongo on and on the bongo-devel list (see the GNA! project above) – and you’re welcome to join in!