First things, we just went past r800 yesterday – a commit I bagged myself, woo! Sadly no pretty graphs to show for it, but I think we’re back to a decent pace of commits again.

The work on the experimental branch of the Store is a good way through. This branch of Bongo builds reasonably cleanly, and works somewhat – you can deliver mail into it, and get mail out of it via IMAP. It’s at the point now where it needs some decent testing while the final pieces are put together.

Somewhat incredibly, the code size is on the way down again – it’s already about 1000 lines smaller, and might be double that by the time it’s done. Although this is extremely dammaging to our project valuation on Ohloh (which currently stands at some $5.5 million), it’s beneficial for Bongo 😉

What’s good is that there is a decent turn of speed already, especially when dealing with large amounts of mail, and things seem to be relatively stable for me copying large chunks around. And this is without doing any performance work at all: I know for sure there is plenty of really low hanging fruit on this; for example, we don’t cache SQL statements in a parsed state ready for re-use, and we don’t do simultaneous access to the store which should be quite easy now. I haven’t timed anything, but Thunderbird feels a lot snappier.

So if you want to do some testing, please grab the /svn/bongo/experiments/store-sqlite branch of Bongo, and run your favourite software against it – trying using it with imap or pop3, or whatever, and see what happens.