I mentioned this on IRC, but I think it’s worth repeating again here: it’s looking like I’m going to be in the States for most of the week ahead. Pretty short notice, but oh well.

I do want to get another 0.2.9x release out soon, because some good bugs have been squished and the caldav stuff is now integrated, but we’ll see when. I’ll likely be online over there anyway.

At some point, I’d also like to spark some discussion about how we do releases in the future. I’ve talked to various people about this informally, but the feature-based milestone idea that we started hasn’t worked out amazingly well. Giving time-based releases a go seems a decent idea to see how we manage, and certainly from the point of view of the server side stuff releasing a development build every month or two doesn’t seem a terrible idea. The web client UI doesn’t fit into that scheme quite so well, but.. eh.

Thoughts on a postcard, please đŸ˜‰