Very excited to hear about the SMTP changes coming down the line. I’m still working pretty hard on getting the store a bit more responsive for IMAP, but the run-up to Christmas is pretty much always the busiest time of year for me.

When Pat said the following:

for lack of a better name, i named it bongosmtp_o for outbound. i’m sure there is a better name for the “agent that delivers smtp mail to remote systems”

… the whole inbound/outbound thing is probably better termed ‘client’ and ‘server’ I think.

In UNIX-y tradition, bongo has ‘d’ suffixed on the protocol names to indicate server software: e.g., pop3d, imapd. ‘d’ for ‘daemon’, which doesn’t really make much sense for us, but ‘d’ kind of does mean ‘server’. So maybe bongosmtpc is the right name, for ‘bongo SMTP client’ ? It works for spamd/spamc, though I don’t like the single letter suffix.

It also gives us some options for ‘mailprox’, which is a pretty awful name, cos we could then split it and call it bongoimapc and bongopop3c.