We talked about it, and I did the form yesterday – we’ve applied as a mentoring organisation for this summer’s Google of Code. I’ve never done an application to GSoC before, although I’m familiar with many of the other projects who’ve taken part. In hindsight, I wanted to say a lot more on our application form, but ho-hum. It would have been nice to find something like OpenSolaris’ application before-hand, but I feel comfortable knowing that our application is completely our own 🙂

I’m not terribly hopeful about us getting in. As a project, we’re pretty new (at least, I can understand how people will see us that way), so we have to earn the trust of people first. Also, there are a lot of excellent projects who apply every year and get turned down. Most of the projects that get in are “big names” that we all know and love. But, on the other hand, I looked down the 2006 project list, and I can hand on heart say that we’re very different to every other participate (maybe Horde comes closest to us), and that we’re offering something at least as exciting to students if not moreso (in my opinion!). So, who knows. I’m guessing we’ll hear in the next couple of days.

The fact that our MediaWiki can’t connect to the database at OSUOSL, and our website is therefore down right now, is also unlikely to enhance our chances 🙂