apComms is an all-party group interested in various technological issues, and they’ve just announced that they’re starting an enquiry effectively into ‘net neutrality. I would link to something useful if I could, but surprisingly(?) their website is well out of date. Paraphrasing the specific questions they’re asking, though:

  1. When should ISPs be filtering/blocking traffic?
  2. Should Govt. intervene over Phorm-like services?
  3. Do we need new initiatives to protect privacy online?
  4. Is the global approach to kiddie porn working?
  5. Who should pay for traffic, and should Net Neutrality be enshrined in law?

If you want to respond, you need to write not more than four pages and submit it via email to the admin user at the domain apcomms.org.uk – you have until the 22nd May 2009. I’d be interested in people blogging on this topic, particularly their responses.

This is an important topic. Just this Monday there were questions from various well-briefed Tories – including a Tory whip who, and I mean no offence to Mrs Watkinson, I’m pretty sure didn’t know about “throttling bandwidth” before she was given that phrase. It’s pretty clear where the wind is blowing on this issue.