It’s been great to see Fedora 11 released, even with a couple of small delays it didn’t seem to me like a terribly problematic release.

As Rawhide, I’ve been using it on and off for a while now, and to be honest aside from the few things I ended up filing, there hasn’t been an awful lot wrong with it. One thing I’d particularly like to call out are the small improvements arriving in virt-manager, which is slowly improving release by release into a really tasty piece of software.

I was slightly surprised by the various Mozilla-based apps being included in pre-release version, because they’re important to me and Thunderbird in particular doesn’t feel ready. However, to be fair to the maintainers, I haven’t encountered any particularly bad problems – they’re fine packages, and Firefox 3.5 in particular feels quite awesome. My main complaint is really that I’m missing my various plugins (which I’m sure can be hacked to work, but you know).

The artwork also deserves special mention I feel, because it looks really rather good. I use my laptop professionally a lot, and having it look respectable is very important to me. Right now, I think it looks more than respectable – big thanks to the art team.

It’s going to be a shorter path to Fedora 12, and I hope to involve myself mostly in QA – what small amounts of hardware testing and bug filing I could do seemed to help progress, and Fedora is so good now I think one of the crucial things in the future will be to ensure regressions are as small as possible and picked up as early as possible.